10 Ideas to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse on a Budget

If a zombie apocalypse was ever to break out, and boy it could, then you are going to wish that you had spent more time watching zombie movies and also more time reading the many guides on the internet about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

These guides and movies are all well and good if you happen to have a huge budget and have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the coming zombie apocalypse but if you are not lucky enough to have the money to build an underground bunker or happen to get taken by surprise when the zombies start to roam the streets you are going to need a certain type of guide. A zombie survival guide that is tailored to meet your exact needs.

As always the good people here at bigtop10.com are here to save the day and provide you will all the information you need in one complete guide to help you survive a zombie apocalypse.

What is unique with this guide is that it features 10 Ideas to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse on a Budget.

American Football Pads or Hockey Pads.

American football pads are a good item to use during a zombie apocalypse as they can offer a great deal of protection to your upper body. They are used to protect a person’s shoulders as they charge as hard as they can into other, usually large, guys who are also wearing shoulder pads and a really hard helmet.

These pads, although they only protect the upper body, are a superb way of protecting you from bites and will also protect you if you feel the urge to shoulder charge a stray zombie.

Wellington Boots.

Wellington boots or willies as they are also known will offer some limited protection to your feet and the bottom of your legs from zombie bites. They won’t do that well at protecting you from a persistent zombie that keeps trying to bite you over and over again as they are only made out of rubber but should provide you with enough time to realise what is going on and a chance to retaliate with a kick.

Wellington boots will also keep your feet nice and dry during a zombie apocalypse as we all know that the only thing worse than trying to out run a zombie is trying to our run a zombie when you have wet feet.


Clingfilm is cheap, easy to store and pretty much every household has a roll of it. During a zombie apocalypse it is a good idea to wrap yourself from head to toe in Clingfilm. This is not to help you lose weight and it will offer little to no protection from bites but what the Clingfilm will do for you is protect you from any zombie infected blood that you may come into contact with. Zombie blood is something you are going to come into contact with if you ever have to take out a zombie at close range and there is the risk of the blood been splattered onto you. The Clingfilm will make sure all of your open wounds, grazes, cuts or spots are well protected from your blood coming into contact with zombie blood.

Paint Ball Kit.

For those of you who have never been paintballing I can assure you that getting hit by one of those paintball pellets really does hurt. Even through clothing and the thick plastic pads that are used you can and do still get a very nasty bruise. They armour that you wear during paintballing does cover your head, face, arms, legs, chest and shoulders so you get a good range of protection over your entire body and at the same time remain pretty mobile in case you need to run.

It is unlikely that any zombie will be able to bite through any paintball armour unless the zombie is able to get his teeth locked on to the gaps between the different armours at your knees, elbows and neck.

Motorbike or Downhill Mountain Bike Armour.

Very similar to paintball armour but it offers less protection and only covers the top part of your body. Having said that it will come in handy if you are unfortunate enough to be cycling away from a zombie and hit a kerb while looking behind you to see where the zombies are.


With bandages you are going to want to wrap yourself in them especially the parts of your body that are able to bend. That means you want your elbows, neck, ankles and knees all wrapped in bandages. While they only offer limited protection from bites (depending how thick you wrap them) they are great to help protect the gaps between any other armour you might be wearing.

Wrist Guards and Supports.

Wrist supports are those tight fabric tubes that people will wear to offer support to their wrists while engaging in various sports. They offer limited protection against bites to your wrists and let us face it if you need to attack a zombie at close range then you will need some form of protection to your hands and wrists.

Soccer Shin Pads.

Shin pads are the bits of plastic that soccer players stick down their socks to protect their shins from kicks. These would be particularly useful if you are rather athletic and feel you may end up drop kicking approaching zombies. It is worth noting that while they will protect the front of your lower leg from bites they will no protect the rear of the lower leg from bites.

Rubber Kitchen Gloves.

Rubber kitchen gloves are going to be rubbish at protecting you from zombie bites but they will be perfect for keeping any infected zombie blood off your hands. Just remember that even the slightest of tiny cuts on your hand that comes into contact with a zombie dramatically increases the risk of you becoming infected. Then there is the fact that if you have the slightest drop of zombie blood on your hand then put your hand in your mouth this will also spell disaster for you.

Rubber gloves will also come in handy if you need to pick up something that is squishy.

Kevlar or Leather Motorbike Suit.

A motorbike suit really is the gold standard when it comes to overall protection from zombie bites. It will be a rather persistent zombie who is able to bite his way through this kit. Of course with the added protection you receive there is a downside and that is the fact that your mobility will be majorly compromised while wearing this suit.

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