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List the movies that motivate me? That is the question I was asked the other day which has led to me writing this post. It’s not a question I could honestly answer off the top of my head and I doubt if I asked anyone who happens to be reading this, list 10 movies that motivate you, then you would struggle to be able to give a short list.

Sure there are whole batches of movies that inspire and motivate you in some way or another but maybe there are just too many to name.

What I decided was that the reason most people could not give a definite list of movies that motivate is because you can be motivated and inspired in many different ways. One movie might inspire you to go out and train in the gym while another might inspire you to get off your backside and follow a dream you’ve always had.

For that reason when asked to list movies that motivate me, or list movies that motivate you, whichever you prefer, has led me to write not one, but a series of posts here on this website referring to the top movies that motivate or inspire in a certain way.

We are going to start with a list of movies that motivate you in general. Not in a specific way but just are uplifting in one way or another.

Please check out our other lists and recommendations for movies that will motivate and inspire which are coming real soon.

So, without further ado, here is our first general list of movies that motivate me.


Want to start any list of movies that motivate you? Well, look no further than Rocky.

It does not even matter which Rocky movie you choose you can guarantee one thing that you will end up motivated even If it is only because of the training montage or the eye of the tiger song.

Who here, reading this, can honestly say, that they have not watched a Rocky movie and wanted to slip a pair of boxing gloves on a start throwing a few punches?

Even without the training montages the very first and original Rocky movies was, and still is, hugely motivational. The story of a down and out amateur boxer from Philadelphia who is given a once in a lifetime chance to take on the heavy weight champion of the world. Without a doubt Rocky is going to hit anyone’s list of films that motivate you.

127 Hours

Do you ever feel that you really should get of your backside and do something? Or do you feel you could be doing something more with your life? If so then this movie could be the kick start you need. I assure you that one way or another 127 hours will definitely be a movie that motivates you.

127 Hours is the true story of Aron Ralston who, in 2003, gained fame when he was forced to amputate his own arm due to becoming trapped by a boulder because of a mountaineering accident. The film follows Aron up to his accident and the extreme measures he is forced to take so he can survive. It also shows as he prepares for, what he feels, is his inevitable death as he record goodbye messages to his friends and family.

A truly inspirational movie and if you are looking for a movie that motivates you then go out and buy a copy of this.

The movie is actually based of a book wrote by Aron Ralston called 127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place and is just as good if not better and comes highly recommended.

Boiler Room

Boiler room will always have a place on my lists of movies that motivate you. Especially if that list is a list of movies that motivate you to make money.

Maybe I enjoy this movie so much because I spent ten years of my life working in sales and this sort of stuff does get drummed into you but all the same it is motivational.

Although boiler Room may not be a movie that motivates everyone it has to be a movie that is given credit simply because of the number of motivational scenes in it.

Just watch the sales pitch than Ben Affleck gives or the numerous scenes where the salesmen go about business and are cold calling customers.

I don’t know. Maybe you run a team of salesmen and want something to get their spirits up. If that is the case then Boiler room is a movie you should definitely buy as Boiler Room is a movie that motivates you.

Glengarry Glen Ross

While we are on the subject of movies that motivate you I thought it only fair to mention Glengarry Glen Ross and remind you that entire superb motivational ball breaking speech that Alec Baldwin gives. Pretty much what you call tough love but if you are in sales you’ll sure appreciate it.

Of course don’t forget Al Pacino’s brilliant sales pitch to the guy in the bar.

As I started this post with, I could, as could anyone, go on forever with movie after movie that motivate you but for now I will stop there and invite you to please keep checking back for further updates and movies actually been put into categories.


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